Love for PRISM

PRISM has allowed me to revitalize my love for PR and strengthen my PR skills after working in Marketing for the last two years. The course exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend it for anyone pursuing a career in PR.

- Kourtney Rogus 

PR Couture is like a big sister I've never had. Always cares, listens, and gives me the best career advice. The PRISM course enhanced my PR skills by already branding myself through social media where I've have had the opportunity to work with multiple brands and businesses for social media promotions.

Yessi Bause 

I would recommend PRISM to anyone who is looking to jumpstart his or her professional life. I took PRISM right after graduating from college and I was feeling lost. Taking PRISM has given me direction. I have a new sense of confidence in myself as a public relations professional.

Erin Ciejka 

I would recommend PRISM to anyone looking to jumpstart their career in the fashion PR industry. Before PRISM, the idea of breaking into the industry was daunting and intimidating. After taking PRISM, I'm now confident that I have chosen the right path for myself. 

- Candice Wilson

Before taking PRISM, I had what I thought was a pretty firm idea on the direction I wanted to go in to embark on my PR journey. However, it wasn’t until until Crosby introduced the "Find Your Why" and "Personal Brand Prism" exercises was I really able to hone in on exactly what it was that I wanted from my career, and create a plan to get me there.
A million thanks!

 - J'Maica Thomas